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Camp 101: The Camp Store & Spending Money


Dear Camp Parents,

This week we wanted to let you know about the Camp Store (what it is and how you can fund it for your camper) and our policies and guidelines for sending any spending money for your child.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!





Kelly Severs

Office Manager


Email or call 781-793-0091


Your 2015 tuition covers the cost of all trip admissions, ice-cream treats and a small spending allowance if appropriate (eg $5).

Your tuition does NOT cover any additional spending money, health & beauty products, co-payments, footwear, clothing, sporting equipment, flashlights/batteries or postage stamps etc.

For these kind of items, you have the option of funding a Camp Store Account for additional purchases, which you can manage online in your CampInTouch Account.  To do this, login HERE or go to our and click on the For Parents tab, then choose Log In To Your Camp Account


Scroll down to View Camp Store Account:


Your Camp Store Account will let you view any purchases your camper makes, and add funds online at any time:


If you do not wish to fund a Camp Store account and allow your camper to make purchases, you also have the option to send them any items they may need in the mail. Their counselors or the Camp Office will alert you if they request anything.  

REMINDER: all essential items for campers must be mailed to the Camp Office (NOT to your camper) so that we can open and distribute the items. Packages mailed directly to campers are not permitted.


Every camper is given a small, designated amount of spending money (usually around $5) for special outings away from Camp where they may have the opportunity to purchase something (a snack or small item).  Please note that all meals, admissions, ice-cream treats etc are already covered by your tuition and so this spending money is only allocated to some special trips.

For our younger campers (Freshmen, Sophomores, Inters and Juniors), the spending allowance that we give them on appropriate trips is more than adequate for them to purchase a snack or small souvenir.  Please do not send additional money for children in these age groups, they will not be permitted to spend money outside of their allocated allowance.

If your child is a senior camper, you may choose to send them to Camp with additional spending money. Please note that:

  • Additional spending money that was brought by your camper will be securely stored in the Camp Office
  • Your camper may collect his or her additional spending money from the Office prior to any trip
  • Additional spending money will not be provided from your online Camp Store account – this is for necessary items only
  • Camp will not be responsible for any money kept in cabins, huts, or lodges

Please keep in mind that this is personal spending money, and while we will be encouraging campers to observe sensible limits in both the amount that they spend and the items that they purchase, they are ultimately responsible for both.  In recent years campers have typically spent, in total, between $100 – $200 on out of Camp trips. 

Should your camper request additional spending money from you mid-summer please contact the Camp Office about providing them with additional funds.

If you have any questions about any of this please don’t hesitate to get in touch!  Call 781-793-0091 or 


The deadline to sign up for Camp Trucking was May 8! If you missed it please call them immediately!! 

Click HERE to read more about your options for shipping luggage to camp, or click HERE to sign up for Camp Trucking!



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