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Camp 101: Camper Confidential and Bunk Request Forms For Summer Camp


Dear Camp Parents,

This week, we are talking about some more important summer forms – our Camper Confidential Form and our Bunk Request Form.  Collating the information in these forms is an important part of our preparation for the summer, and we would appreciate your help in filling them out as soon as possible.  Reminder: all forms (medical and other) are due by June 1. We need this information to help your child have a happy and healthy experience during their time at summer camp. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!



Kelly Severs

Office Manager


Email or call 781-793-0091


Do I need to complete the Confidential?                  
Yes! Completed Confidentials are a requirement for all campers – including returners! 

The Confidential Camper Form presents an opportunity for you to share important details about your child with the Camp Administration and your child’s counselor. As our partners in your child’s summer experience, we ask that you answer each question as openly and fully as possible. Please don’t worry that your child will be “labeled” by what you disclose. We hope that you know by now that we value your child’s individual identity, and only seek this information to enable our counselors to provide your child with the best possible campexperience. Please rest assured that all information is held in strict confidence, and shared only on a need to know basis.        

If you filled out the Confidential last year, you will see that your information has been stored.  Please update and change it as necessary, and then submit it again for 2015.  If this is your first time completing it, much of the information on this form will be stored for subsequent summers, thus decreasing the time you will have to spend on these forms in future!
If you want to come back to the form or add anything at a later date after submitting it you are welcome to do so, each time you click ‘submit’ information will be updated.


The bunk request form will give you an opportunity to make bunk requests on behalf of your child. We try our best to honor at least one of your child’s bunk requests, but it is not always possible because of conflicting confidential information and so no request is guaranteed. You do not have to make bunk requests, and indeed many parents do not. 

Please note: if you request your child NOT be with another camper, this request will be honored above any positive requests as we try to accommodate special circumstances. 

Due to time constraints Bunk Requests will not be accepted after June 1st.
You also have the option to request a particular bed (e.g. if your child particularly needs to sleep near a bathroom or a counselor for example, or has a strong preference for a top bunk in a cabin), although again this request is NOT guaranteed. Please give a reason for any request you make, and we will do our best to try and accommodate it!

Where do I go to complete the forms?

You can complete the forms through your online Parent Account (in the same place as the medical forms). Click HERE to log in to your Parent Account account.  
Once you log in, click on ‘Forms & Documents’:


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