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There’s Just Something About Camp Friends

There’s just something about camp friends

There’s just something about camp friends. They make life so much better. No one makes you laugh or giggle like they do. They seem to know everything about you, and love you unconditionally. During your summers together, away from home, you learn to rely on each other, to trust each other, and to care for each other. Your camp friends become members of your extended family, your support system. You learn to love them like sisters or brothers.

Throughout the fall parents, campers, staff and even alumni have been sending me photos from their time with their camp friends. I love seeing how often members of our community get together outside of camp. I also love that Kenwood and Evergreen people still get together years and even decades after their last summers with us, and how important their camp friends still are to them. I also love that people think to share these photos with me! 

Tonight marks the start of the many off-season events our camp will be hosting this year. At 5:30pm scores of kids and parents from the Tri-State area will converge on the GAGA Center in Manhattan. While many spirited games will surely be played, the real reason we are coming together is because we miss each other so much. It has been almost exactly 2 months since we were all together in NH, and many of us need the boost that only our camp friends can give us!

After the party for our current campers, we will also be hosting our first new camper event of the fall. At 7:30pm dozens of our new campers (and children considering joining us this summer) and their parents will join us at the GAGA Center. It’s a great opportunity for our new campers to meet new peers and counselors, and it goes a long way towards eliminating pre-camp anxiety. And while the kids and counselors are playing GAGA, Scott will be having a meet-and-greet with parents to talk about the importance of the 21st century skills that we teach during summers at Kenwood and Evergreen.

We will be having a similar event in the Boston area in November, and additional new camper meet-and-greets in the springtime as well. We will announce the dates of our spring events in the coming weeks! While we are only on our campus in NH for 7 weeks a year we really like being a year-round community. 

So here are some of the many camp friend photos that I’ve received this fall. Picture on the left was actually the first one that I received this fall, and the one on the right I received just last night. I love that in both our girls are showing the values of K&E, being camp friends even when facing each other on opposite teams.

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These three photos are from get-togethers and birthday parties this fall. All three show campers who had never met before joining our camp community having a blast together. On the far right is actually a Kenwood and Evergreen camper giving an impromptu golf lesson to a future camper. The kindness of the kids in our community is really quite something! 

the importance of being camp friends

This last set of photos features a wide array of camp friends, including current campers, staff, and alumni! On the left is a gathering in Sharon, MA of the Lillienfelds, Kleins, Adam Miller, and counselor Josh Williams and Sean Atkinson. Next is a photo of new and returning counselors Tom Shanks and Phil Cross taking in a soccer match together in Newcastle, England. The picture to the right requires a big Acka-Lacka-Ching from the Camp family. Longtime counselor Deb Bamel (also known to her campers as “Bob”) just got engaged, and she happily celebrated with her camp buddies Hillary Harnett and Lauren Alpert. And on the far right, let’s all give a loud “We Welcome You to Kenwood Evergreen” cheer to Miss Maya Zylber, the daughter of longtime K&E counselors Beano and Becca Zylber (this picture actually features Beano and Maya with proud aunt and K&E alumna Ali Vogel). Maya’s mom and dad actually met at K&E and started with us as very young campers. We are so happy for both of your families!

the importance of camp friendsThank you to everyone for sharing your photos with us. We love hearing from you and seeing how important your Camp friends are in your lives! We hope that you keep Camp with you wherever you go. 

Camps Kenwood and Evergreen is a 7-week brother-sister summer camp in Wilmot, NH. We invite you to learn more about our intentional community and the incredible experiences we create.

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