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On This Movie Monday We Think About Our Summer Camp Brotherhood

On this #MovieMonday we are thinking about our powerful summer camp brotherhood

There have been a lot of recent reminders about how powerful it is to be a part Camp Kenwood’s brotherhood. I’ve also seen great examples of the same intense connection that girls and women feel as part of the Evergreen sisterhood. In about an hour Scott, Walshy, Catherine and I will join dozens of K&E alumni, current parents and staff at the Mickey’s Kids Golf Tournament. Mickey was an icon in our community, and a beloved member of our Camp family, for almost 40 years. In his memory, and in honor of the values of inclusion and kindness that he brought to our brother-sister summer camp, we will be playing to raise money for a charity that helps provide camper scholarships for economically disadvantaged children. I’m so proud to be a part of a community that still honors one of its members almost 15 years after his untimely passing.

summer camp brotherhood

I had a simliar reminder this past week when I attended the shiva for Roger Schual. While Roger didn’t grow up at Kenwood and Evergreen, his children did, and when I was a camper he spent time as one of our camp doctors. Roger’s wife Laurie was actually also an Evergreen camper in the 50’s and 60’s, and I look forward to their grandchildren spending summers with us in the future. As I sat with his family and remembered such a wonderful man we also discussed their amazing memories of their years spent at camp. As I was leaving their son Gordon stopped me to comment on how important it continues to be for him to be a part of the Kenwood and Evergreen community. He was last a camp counselor in 1993. It truly is a powerful brotherhood (and sisterhood). 

So on this #moviemonday, in honor of Mickey Dank and Roger Schual, we would like to post this video from this past summer. The soundtrack is a song from one of this year’s Color War alma maters, with video clips showing just how close the boys and men of our community grow each summer season. 

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