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How Jason & Deena Met At Our Brother/Sister Summer Camp in NH

An article about how Jason & Deena met at our brother/sister summer camp in NH

There are many reasons why friendships made at our brother/sister summer camp in NH last a lifetime. Our campers quickly learn that our community values being a good friend above all else. Our counselors model kindness and approachability at our new camper events, on the bus ride to NH, and from the moment children step onto campus. Once a part of our summer camp in NH children learn how to be their best selves, which helps them forge deeper and longer-lasting relationships. 

brother/sister summer camp

At the end of every summer we receive letters from parents telling us that their child met someone who is now their best friend forever. We also get incredible emails from our Big Sisters and Brothers about how they are now babysitting for their camp little siblings on a regular basis. Our community grows close each summer, and then maintains these important relationships all year round! 

There are a lot of legendary stories about the relationships started at Kenwood and Evergreen. As a counselor Scott sat next to first-time camper Jason on the bus ride to NH, and that summer they became like brothers. Now they are both directors of Kenwood and Evergreen. Jacki Mitchell, Evergreen’s athletic director, was a counselor to Deena, and Jacki’s daughters were flower girls in Deena’s wedding. Over her 60+ years at Camp Phyllis has nurtured thousands of campers and staff, including Mia and Courtney, and every other young woman who has grown up here.

Recently, an online magazine wrote a profile about one such relationship that developed at our brother/sister summer camp in NH. As many people know, Jason and Deena Sebell grew up at Camps Kenwood and Evergreen, and met here as well. We invite you to read the full story about how they met, and why our values-driven community is partly responsible for their marriage. 

Children thrive when they are in a community that helps them make deep and meaningful social connections. We invite you to learn more about the powerful friendships, experiences and outcomes we have generated for more than 80 years. 

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