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Are you getting excited for the 17th annual Camp Winter Weekend?

It's almost time for winter weekend.jpg

We cannot wait for the start of the Winter Weekend this Friday!

Walshy was up at Camp this weekend helping Tex plow and shovel the pathways, and they wanted you to see how much snow was falling. Since then it has snowed two more times, and is likely to again later this week. As of now there is about a foot of packed snow at the base of the Hollow, and more than 4 feet of drifts around the edge.

With snow like this it should be an amazing Winter Weekend of sledding, snow football, broomball on the frozen lake, and hanging out with your Camp friends! 

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This is our favorite weekend of the entire year. It’s a chance for us to spend time with our Senior campers and lots of counselors while enjoying the winter wonderland that is our campus in January. If your camper needs the packing list or travel information for this special event please click here. To learn more about this incredible event please click on any of last year’s blogs below. And if you have a younger camper in your home please share this with them so that they can get excited for when it will be their opportunity to join this amazing adventure!

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