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Answering New Camper Questions About The Bus To Camp and Opening Day

The start of camp is not that far away, and we know that both our new camp parents and new campers are getting really excited. We also know that even our returning campers have tons of questions as they prepare for the summer of 2016. Last week I posted the first blog in a new series called “New Camper Questions”. It covered topics like how we do laundry at our Camp in NH, and where campers can store their belongings during the summer. This week I am excited to write about a really important topic on so many campers’ minds: the bus ride to camp, and the first day! 


What should I bring on the bus ride to Camp, and who will I sit with?

The bus ride is going to be a lot of fun, and a lot shorter than you think! When you get on the bus a counselor will be there to help you find a seat. If you aren’t sure that you know anyone (remember, you’ll meet lots of campers at the New Camper Party!), you can ask him/her to help you find someone nice to sit with. Your counselors have a lot planned to help you get comfortable and meet lots of nice people. We’ll have some movies to watch, and there is a bathroom in the back of the bus.


Making new friends at our May New Camper Parties! 

Packing a snack or a lunch is a good idea, especially if you are traveling from NY, NJ or CT. All liquids should be in plastic bottles with re-sealable tops. Soda cans always end up spilling all over the bus and making a huge mess! Please remember that you cannot bring anything made with peanuts or tree nuts on the bus (or to Camp!). This includes candy. Please have your parents double-check that any food that you bring does not contain any peanuts or tree nuts (this is really important as Camps Kenwood and Evergreen is a totally peanut and tree nut free community!). 

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If it will help you be more comfortable, consider bringing a small pillow. Also think about what you could bring to keep you entertained on the bus. If you like to read, bring a magazine or a book. Consider bringing a travel game that you can play with someone on the bus. An mp3 with headphones is also a good idea. Please remember that as part our camp having summers unplugged we do not allow Apple products like itouches, iphones or ipads. Campers get to have summers free of apps, social media and the internet!  Also, please don’t bring too much stuff. You will have limited space on the bus, and we don’t want your belongings to get mixed up with someone else’s.

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OK, so I get that, but what will we be doing after I arrive at Camp?

Actually, some of our most experienced counselors recorded a short video to answer exactly that question! Click on the video below to understand exactly what the first day of camp is going to be like at Kenwood and Evergreen!

Learn more about this
incredible experience for children

Next week’s Answer New Camper Questions will be on a REALLY important topic: what are things and items campers might not know to bring to camp…but should! This is going to be some amazing insider K&E information based on interviews we’ve done with some of our long time campers and counselors. You definitely do not want to miss this!