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Another Amazing Special Event For Our Very Happy Campers

Another Amazing Special Event For Our Very Happy Campers

very happy campers

On this 4th Saturday of the summer Camp slept. Once reveille blew everyone was quickly out of the bunks, excited for the start of this amazing special event called Big Weekend. I loved seeing the creativity of our counselors, and how hard they work to make an event like this special for our kids. And I also loved how quickly our very happy campers campers threw themselves into this incredible weekend event.

Before breakfast the camp gathered for an assembly where Mia had the teams line up for the first time. Everyone was wearing the individual color t-shirt of their team (thank you to all parents who read this year’s packing list and included the array that we had asked for!) and after a quick breakfast they moved out to the first activities of the day.

In between activities our teams began to work on learning the songs that they will be performing in front of the entire camp community tomorrow evening. Each team writes a song about their many positive attributes, and jokingly makes fun of the others. Starting this afternoon each team will also be working on their formations. Tomorrow night, each team will silently move about the Hollow, forming letters and shapes, attempting to tell a story about their team. Both the song and the formation are incredible opportunities for learning creativity and somewhat less traditional forms of communication. 

very happy campers

As is always case here, our campers and staff made this amazing special event all about bringing our brother-sister summer camp community together. There was cheering to and from each event. Veteran campers helped our newest members understand the ins and outs of the Big Weekend schedule, and the strategies for some of the games that they hadn’t played before. And while competition was obviously a part of the weekend, the friendships of the players were always much more important than the wins and losses.

very happy campers

In the afternoon all 6 teams participated in a massive relay race that wound all over the campus. It began with a three-legged run from the assembly area to the Evergreen waterfront, including boating and swimming events at both waterfronts, athlete feats at multiple ballfields and inside the gym, and culminated with a bucket brigade that stretched from the girls’ waterfront to the Evergreen office. It was an incredible afternoon of teamwork and spirit for our very happy campers and counselors. 

summer camp in nh

Another example of the fun and excitement of this amazing special event was tonight’s Rope Burning contest. Each summer Rope Burning is the most exciting part of Big Weekend. The six team’s oldest campers participate in a race to see who can be first to burn a rope suspended 10 feet in the air between a series of metal poles. The entire community gathers up on Senior Hill to watch, and even before the first match is lit campers on all teams are leaping into the air with excitement. Tonight, two teams very quickly figured out how to build and direct their fires, and they took 1st and 2nd place. Another team had a slow start but eventually built their own inferno, and they won 3rd place. It was only a matter of seconds before teams 4, 5, and 6 had their own taste of victory, each having successfully burned their ropes. Campers from all six teams celebrated by jumping up and down and singing in support of their older teammates. It was a pretty fantastic night, and I invite you to watch this short video that I shot of the event. 

After such an exciting event I wandered down to the Evergreen Sophomore bunks with my guitar. Our girls and their counselors joined me in their living room. When I played and sang they snuggled with their counselors on the beanbag chairs. As always I was in a Beatles mood, and played “Blackbird” and “Julia”, along with a couple of solo John Lennon songs (“Real Love” and “Watching The Wheels Go Round”). Then I played John Prine’s “Angel From Montgomery”. This is a special song for me and some of the Sophomore counselors, since I sang it for them when they were Sophomores. Years later, when they were in Juniper, we performed it together at Hollowpallooza. So tonight, when I played it, I asked this group of Sophomores if they wanted to perform it with me and their counselors in two weeks at Hollowpallooza. They got very excited. I should also say that this year the Freshmen girls and I will be performing “Blackbird”. It should be tons of fun for all of us.

Afterwards, the girls thought it would be fun to quiz me on my knowledge of what their tour or home visit was like when they were introduced to Camp (thankfully I passed the test!), and we all had a good laugh about how I remember the weirdest, most random facts about every camper in Camp!

From start to finish, today was fun and exciting. It’s wonderful to see how easily the members of our brother-sister community can come together for an amazing special event like Big Weekend. We can’t wait for tomorrow!

After just over three weeks we have a community filled with very happy campers. We invite you to learn more about summer camp in NH by downloading the online version of our brochure. 

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