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Announcing our newly renovated Camp Gymnasium!

For over 60 years one of the most beloved buildings on the Kenwood and Evergreen campus has been our gymnasium. We are thrilled to announce that after almost a year of hard work it has been fully renovated and is ready for the summer of 2018!


The entire building has been modernized and revamped with so many new features:

  • New roof and new backboards!
  • New skylights to let in natural light!
  • New boards around the edges for playing street hockey!
  • New indoor stanchions for playing indoor volleyball! 
  • New stadium LED lights for night time play!
  • New bleachers for spectators to cheer on their friends!
  • New banners with inspirational quotes from some of our favorite sports heroes! 
  • New gorgeous backboards and a newly painted floor in Kenwood and Evergreen colors! 


There are even FOUR new beautiful bathrooms!


We can’t wait for the official ribbon cutting ceremony when our campers arrive next week, and for all of the fun and excitement they will have playing in such an important part of our campus. Many thanks to Pete, Tex, Billy, Justin and Shirley on our Maintenance Team for their many months of hard work on this project! 


We have many other exciting facility and program changes we cannot wait to share with you over these final days before the start of the Summer of 2018! 


Camps Kenwood and Evergreen is an overnight summer camp for boys and girls ages 7-15 in Wilmot, NH. Each day of the summer we offer 35 different activities including team sports like basketball, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, flag football, ultimate frisbee and volleyball. 

To learn more about our incredible summer camp experience please click below to take our virtual tour.