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Announcing a new and exciting contest series: #CampInAParkingLot

“Our community is about the people and the times we spend together. We could have Camp in a parking lot if we needed to!” I think I first heard our camp’s Owner/Director Scott Brody proudly make that claim almost 20 years ago, and it feels as true today as it did then. Just this past weekend almost 200 of our campers and counselors got together for a party in Stamford, CT and within minutes it felt like we were back at Camp…minus the beautiful weather and bucolic campus. I always find it incredible at an event like one of our reunions to stand back and watch how excited and happy everyone is to see each other. There’s so much hugging and jumping up and down. And as we’ve written about in recent blogs, even when our leadership team is in other countries to interview potential new staff members former counselors take time out of their busy lives to see their Camp friends and help our community pick the best new recruits. The friendships formed at our sleepaway camp in NH are deep, meaningful and truly last a lifetime!

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Great times with Camp friends at our recent reunion and international recruitment fairs

During the off season we’ve been thinking about how much we in the Camp Office miss our campers, and have been looking for a new way to engage with them through social media portals like Instagram and Facebook. And while it’s fun to post a lot of #ThrowbackThursday pictures and even some silly memes, we’ve felt like that wasn’t enough. Then we hit on an idea based on Scott’s famous phrase “We could have Camp in a parking lot”. 

On behalf of the Camp Leadership Team we’d like to announce the start of an ongoing series of contests called #CampInAParkingLot. Periodically, we will post a new contest on both our Facebook and Instagram walls. All campers from last summer or enrolled for this summer will be eligible to play, one entry per players, and we think you’re going to really like the prizes. If you win we will essentially bring Camp to you. One or two of our Camp Leaders will come to where you live and bring a fun, totally K&E activity with them. It might be Scott with his guitar, leading a sing along in all of your favorite camp songs. Or maybe Deena will teach you how to bake something incredible. It could be Jacki and Bob stopping by to run a basketball clinic and then referee a pickup game with you and your friends. There are so many possibilities! And if you live far enough away from Camp that we need to take a plane to reach you, well, we’re still working on that but we promise to come up with a great solution for that! 


So take a look at the image above and post your best guess on the official Camps K&E Instagram wall posting for this image by Sunday, February 4th at 11:30am. The person with the closest guess to the correct answer (without going over) will win the first ever Camp In A Parking Lot contest, which will be announced in a future blog. You’ll be able to invite your Camp and home friends to the celebration! 

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