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An interesting approach for children who want to stop a bully

During the school year the most common questions we get from our Camp parents relate to their child’s social and emotional growth. As hard as it may try, school is just not as fun and exciting as 7 weeks at overnight camp, and navigating the ins and outs of social life during elementary, middle and high school is never as easy as when you are away for the summer with your camp friends. So quite regularly we get asked about how to help a young person who is struggling with peers relationships, including bouts of social cruelty. 

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Earlier today this video by Brooks Gibbs popped up on my Facebook feed called “How To Stop A Bully”. As I shared it with the rest of the Camp Office we all felt like it really had some quality information to share. It’s by no means a one-size-fits-all solution to this societal problem, but it does help articulate why some people choose to bully others, and presents an interesting technique for combatting it. 

Please consider watching this video and showing it to your child or children. If you think this is valid or useful consider encouraging them to practice these skills. And then let us know think what you think of Gibbs’ ideas. Will they work? Are they helpful, provocative, esoteric or too simplistic? We’d love to have a dialogue with our readers about this and other strategies for helping the young people that we love overcome the bullying and social cruelty they face in their lives. 

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