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An amazing Rookie Day event for new campers

Today was our annual event called Rookie Day. Younger siblings, cousins, neighbors and friends of current campers had the chance to visit our overnight camp, try it out, and even sleep over. What a great day for everyone involved!


First, we played some games so that the new campers could get to know each other. We learned things like where everyone was from, what our different birthdays are, and what each rookie was excited to try today. Then we played fun games like spud and kickball. 

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It was a hot day so our boys headed to the waterfront. Everyone had a chance to swim in the lake, tube behind the boat, and build sand castles with their new friends. Charley the boat driver was kind enough to take all of the kids on rides in the boat around the lake as well. You could hear the sounds of laughter and excitement all over camp. 

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Deena and our Rookie girls spent the first part of the afternoon climb our massive ropes course and leaping off of our zip line. After a few rounds of that the girls put on their bathing suits and took their own turns tubing and enjoying the lake.

The boys used the ropes course, and then played a few spirited rounds of gaga.


From there the girls and Deena headed to ceramics to learn how to make and paint things out of clay. As you can see from the photos they were having a fabulous time with their new camp friends. 

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Still needing to cool off more, the boys and I headed up to the Field of Dreams for an hour of dancing and happily getting soaked while Pete and Tex ran the antique fire truck. I think we could have stayed up there all afternoon they were having such a good time. 


Then our rookies had dinner with their older siblings and friends, followed by free play for an hour. Each camp then had its own ceremonial campfire. In Evergreen they made costumes and did face painting and just had a spectacularly silly evening under the beautiful New Hampshire sky. 

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The boys had an equally silly campfire, complete with Clarkie teaching them how to do a Haka from his native New Zealand, and counselor Teddy leading what we call a “tag team story”. There were s’mores and Scott and I played guitar and a whole lot of singing. 


As it started to get dark the rookies headed back to the bunks for their first night of sleeping over at our summer camp. By 9:30 they were all sound asleep, and can’t wait to tell their parents about all of the incredibly fun things that they did today.


I love how quickly and easily new campers grow comfortable in our overnight camp community. We all can’t wait for these boys and girls to join us for a full summer in 2017!

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