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Amazing days and incredible nights at our summer camp in NH

When Camp is at its best, it’s a blend of fun, friendship, adventure, and learning cool new things. That seemed to be on display wherever you looked today. 

rain day awesomeness 6

rain day awesomeness 7

Tonight was another Anything Can Happen Thursday, which meant it was everyone’s favorite meal of the week. This week’s theme: Breakfast For Dinner. We invited the campers to come up to assembly in the clothes they like to sleep in, and it was a sea of onesies, pajamas, bathrobes and fuzzy slippers. 

achthursdays 1

The meal was all sorts of favorite foods not typically consumed at dinner: Belgian waffles with whatever fruit you preferred, different syrups and whipped toppings, scrambled eggs, multiple types of breakfast meats, yogurt, and homemade peanut free granola. On each table were fluted glasses filled with orange juice and seltzer (a sort of kid friendly mimosa). For dessert, Kristie and Enid spent the entire afternoon making homemade glazed Munchkins. This meal was an absolute hit, and our campers cheered afterwards in appreciation of everything our dining hall team did tonight!

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As soon as dinner was over I hopped in the car and head to join Kenwood’s Sophomores on their mountain climb and overnight camping trip. When I arrived they had just finished dinner, and their Unit Leader and I surprised them with a treat. 

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In my car I brought with me the ingredients and equipment to make ice cream while on the camping trail. No electricity was involved whatsoever. Instead, using only ice, rock salt, and a couple of plastic bags we were able to turn basic ingredients like cream, vanilla and sugar into what they all agreed was some of the best ice cream they had ever tasted in their lives. 

Everyone helped out and everyone reveled in getting to create something so unexpectedly delicious. The counselors and I even managed to slip some science education into this project, teaching them about the difference between endothermic and exothermic reactions.

As the sun set we gathered around the campfire for some guitar playing, a sing-a-long, and some quality story telling by the counselors.

achthursdays 4

Back at Camp Evergreen was having one of its favorite evening activities of the summer: Lip Sync Night. Groups of friends had spent their free time today picking out a favorite song and then choreographing a dance to it. They also put together costumes for their performances. 

When I got home and asked Deena how the event went she replied “EVERYONE stepped up their game this year. Courtney and I almost couldn’t decide which were the best acts because so many of them were fun and funny and so well put together!” 

Evening activities like Lip Sync Night are at the core of the Evergreen experience. They are about bonding with your bunkmates, showing off your wild and creative side, and losing all inhibitions the moment you take the stage. All of this is possible because each girl knows that her Evergreen Sisters in the audience are there to support them and get just as lost in these moments of pure happiness. 

achthursdays 5-1

After Lip Sync our younger girls headed off to bed, while Juniper was out cooking burgers and hot dogs for the first time this summer. For many of our girls this was their first time ever working the grill, so Deena and Courtney were there to coach them on the finer points of BBQ mastery. As you can see from the pictures this Juniper is making the most of every moment they have in their final summer as campers, and as a recipient of one of their burgers I thank them for a job well done. 

rain day awesomeness 5-1

Cheers to our campers and counselors for creating a day filled with fun, friendship, outdoor adventures, and so many opportunities for learning!

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