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Amazing Activities At Our Brother-Sister Summer Camp In NH

Amazing activities at our brother-sister summer camp in NH

brother-sister summer campAs is the case almost every day, our campers were involved in a lot of trips and tournaments today. The Kenwood juniors climbed Mt. Cardigan while Kenwood’s freshmen headed out on their Belle Island canoe trip. The Evergreen 9’s, 11’s, 13’s and 15’s headed to another camp for a swim tournament. The Kenwood 2nd year seniors returned triumphant from their 3-day white water canoe trip on the Androscogin river. Here are two short clips from their amazing adventure.

brother-sister summer camp

Today was also the annual Camps Kenwood and Evergreen 3-D Invitational Archery Tournament. We invited 6 camps from around New England for this unique opportunity to not just shoot at round targets, but to also go on our 3-D archery course. Campers put on a quivver of arrows and hiked along a wooded trail. On their trip’s path they came upon life-size foam rubber statues of velociraptors and a stegasaurus, and get to launch 2 arrows per animal. As you can imagine, everyone had a great time at this tournament. 

brother-sister summer camp

While the teams were shooting Adventure Dave and I prepared them all lunch. This tournament was Athletic Director Bob Mitchell’s idea, and to add a little excitement to it he purchased some exotic meats for the kids to sample. Bob was away today, leading the Montreal trip for Evergreen’s oldest campers, but Dave and I made sure to cook up some fun. We served them bison burgers, venison sausage, elk steaks, and 7 duck breasts that I marinated in a homemade Thai chili sauce.  

trips and tournaments

This is some of our handiwork. We, and the campers who ate it, were extremely pleased with the results. During lunch we made sure to make it a really social event. We had tunes blasting (a lovely mix of late 70’s Grateful Dead, 80’s Jerry Garcia Band, Travelling Wilburys, live Steely Dan, and 80’s era David Bowie) and the kids and staff from the different teams loved hanging out with each other. It seemed like we had a lot of very happy campers at this event. 

brother-sister summer camp

It was a really good tournament, and everyone shot really well. Congratulations to Kenwood’s own Jonah Skolnik who won the entire event and took home the 1st place trophy! Acka-lacka-ching, Jonah!

brother-sister summer camp

And while the 3-D Archery Tournament was going on we also had all sorts of other amazing activities happening around camp. A group of campers were in the woodshop making their own rocking chairs out of unmilled birch branches. All morning campers were scraping, planing, sanding and shaping what will be cool pieces of rustic furniture by the end of the summer.

brother-sister summer camp

There were also lots of campers in cooking today. Rosario was teaching girls and boys how to make guacamole and salsa, and how to make the perfect quesadilla.  

brother-sister summer camp

With our summer season more than halfway over our campers are starting to put the finishing touches on some of their art projects. In ceramics I watched campers doing fine detail work as they painted the cups, mugs, plates, and bowls that they threw this summer on the wheel.

brother-sister summer camp

Photography has been an amazing activity at Camp this summer. Naomi Elson, our head of photography, never seems to run out of incredibly creative ideas and projects for our campers. Today, I walked into the photography studio and saw campers designing their own Magic and Pokemon cards! I just love how creative our staff is, and how quickly our campers take these new ideas and run with them.

brother-sister summer camp

This year, our arts and crafts director Leah has focused a lot on teaching the kids the fundamentals of painting. As one of his biggest projects, she and MANY campers are painting the backdrop for Saturday’s Hollowpallooza stage. They are using a 20-ft wide canvas, and a whole lot of paint! We can’t wait to see what it looks like when its done.  

brother-sister summer camp

Our brother-sister summer camp in NH is also getting ready for its 7th annual Film Festival. Campers have been using every available moment to finish editing their movies. This piece was just completed yesterday afternoon, and as soon as it was done the girls who made it ran to my office to show it to me. I think it’s really moving and beautiful. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Just so you know, the campers did 100% of the work in making this movie. They created the concept, shot it, and did all of the editing. Terrific work, girls!  

With Hollowpallooza just 48 hours away the music building has also been jam packed with bands and acts getting ready for Saturday. Here’s a short video of a jazz number put together by one of our 11-year old campers and our incredible head of music, James Manigley.  

Today was an amazing day at our camp. Everywhere I went campers seemed to be having an incredible time learning, playing, and creating. The 5th week of the summer is almost complete, and already I find myself mourning that it will soon be at its end. I’m hearing the same thing from the campers and staff. How nice that so many people cherish their time here.

We invite you to learn more about our brother-sister summer camp community, where we focus on teaching life skills like creativity, critical thinking, independence and problem solving to tomorrow’s leaders and innovators. 

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