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Amazing activities and special events during the final days of the summer of 2017

With Color War completed in both camps today we went back to regular life here at our summer camp in NH. Just after breakfast the Kenwood Seniors left on their final trip of the summer, enjoying the area around Dartmouth College and Hanover, NH. Scott joined them in the evening for dinner and a movie, and a great time was had by all.


Our Evergreen Freshmen and their counselors took their own trip with Phyllis and Jacki. They visited the New Hampshire Children’s Trust, a charity that supports area families in crisis. This year at their 4th of July Bake Sale the girls raised over $900 for this worthy cause! Acka-Lacka-Ching to our Evergreen Freshmen for helping our local community!

Back at Camp Kenwood’s Junior Camp had a leisurely morning on the Waterfront, tubing, fishing, playing water basketball, and using all of our fun inflatables. It was great to see the campers and counselors all relaxing and enjoying being together after so many days of Color War sports. In the afternoon Kenwood had its final Watermelon League game of the summer. 


Tonight we had a TON of different evening activities going on. In Kenwood Junior Camp we came together for the annual Film Festival. All summer long our young auteurs have been working in our movie making studio to write, direct, edit and score their short films. Last week Evergreen had its annual showcase, and tonight we did the same for Kenwood. If you would like to see our campers’ creations please click on the links below.

Evergreen Junior Camp Film Festival 

Kenwood Junior Camp Film Festival

While all of this was going on all of Evergreen was in the tent finishing the skits and lip sync performances that were cut short by the Color War Breakout, and then it was time for their annual Talent Show.

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When THAT was over Courtney had a surprise for our Juniper girls. In the Gym she and Travis, our head of overnight outdoor adventures, had set up an escape room experience. As a group they had to figure out a series of puzzles, riddles, clues and word problems that unlocked different doors and keys that would eventually let them “escape” from the gym. It was fun and creative and a huge bonding experience, and the girls had an absolute blast doing it. Thanks to both Courtney and Travis for creating something so amazing for the girls!





With just a few days left of the summer of 2017 we are doing everything we can to give our campers the most amazing, fun, creative, exciting bonding experiences possible. Just wait until you see what we have in store for tomorrow!

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