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A Wonderful Way To End Our Second Week of Camp

A Wonderful End to Our Second Week of CampToday was maybe the most beautiful weather day of the summer, and a wonderful way to end our second week of Camp. From the time we woke until the sun set it was in the mid-80’s with low humidity and few clouds in the sky. Throughout the day I heard campers and staff saying to each other “can you believe how pretty it is out today?”


Before Reveille Adventure Dave was standing on the Evergreen docks, waiting to see who would join him for our girls’ first Polar Bear Swim of the summer. Amazingly, 51 intrepid Evergreen campers joined him, and from my house I could hear shrieks of delight as they did their jumping jacks and plunged into the brisk morning water!


A Wonderful Way To End Our Second Week of Camp

We tried something new today. Our campus is scenic and beautiful, and while we take a lot of great photos of it it is somewhat hard to capture just how pretty all 200+ acres of Camps Kenwood & Evergreen are. We also have a number of activities that are hard to capture from the ground level. So for the first time ever we had a team come in and fly a mini-helicopter drone over campus to capture images from an all new perspective. The copter, which seemed to fascinate all who saw it, was about the size of a microwave, and had a powerful HD camera attached to it. Here are some of the photos that it took today!


Our Evergreen 12’s and 15’s Soccer teams had tournaments today. The 15’s had the best record of any camp, and came home to cheers and applause at the evening assembly. The 12’s also played well, though their record got them a third place finish. The Kenwood 12’s Football team also participated in a huge tournament today. They won their first 2 games and then lost their others, which secured them 3rd place.


The Senior boys and Sophomore girls each went on nature trips today with Adventure Dave. Both groups had tons of fun traipsing through creeks and swamps, looking for frogs, and even playing in a waterfall.


Tonight after Friday Night Services we gathered together for the first theatrical productions of the summer. The Kenwood & Evergreen Freshmen each put on hysterically funny plays that involved singing, dancing, elaborate costumes and more. Our Camp Big Brothers & Sisters sat in the front of the audience to cheer on and support their little siblings. It was a wonderful night, and a night of wonderful support. What a wonderful way to end our second week of Camp.