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A Video Wrap Up of Week #5 of the Summer of 2017

Friday was a really busy day here at Camp, what with the start of our annual Homecoming Weekend and the Drive-In Movie. I also really wanted to write about how meaningful the Kenwood Hut 6 trip to Montreal had been for all involved. What I neglected to do was post the Week #5 Wrap Up video. 

Because I was away much of the week on the trip I asked Holly, our terrific film making counselor, to shoot and edit this week’s montage. I love what she created and hope you do, too!  


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In addition to the weekly wrap up I also wanted to share with you these two videos shot by Keegan, our Kenwood Sophomore Unit Leader. One is of his age group’s adventure on the Belle Island Canoe Trip, and the other is of their intercamp against Camp Winaukee last week. Enjoy! 

If you missed any of our blogs from this past week of the summer we invite you to check them out!

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