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A Safe Summer Camp for Kids with Food Allergies

How do you know that an overnight camp can provide amazing meals to all of its campers and staff, while also safely serving peanut and tree free nut populations, or those who eat gluten free, dairy free or egg free?


Here’s our checklist!


A Peanut & Tree Nut Safe Summer Camp Checklist

Safe Summer Camp for Kids with Food AllergiesA camp’s goal should be to create the most welcoming, inclusive overnight camp community possible, and that includes providing meals and snacks that are safe for every camper and counselor. When asking if a camp is truly safe for someone with a peanut and tree nut allergy we recommend asking about the following:


  • Do they allow campers to receive package of food?
  • Are they able to purchase baked goods from vendors with dedicated factories?
  • From where do they purchase their ice creams and novelties?
  • Is candy ever served, and who is checking the labels?
  • On Chinese food night is sesame or peanut oil used?
  • Is the hummus or pesto truly nut free?


Does a camp do all of this so that every meal or snack that is served is safe for our peanut and tree nut free friends? When kids travel outside of camp on day trips do they only go to places that serve peanut free food?


A Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Albumen Free Safe Summer Camp Checklist

  • Does the kitchen have equipment dedicated to serve this population?
  • How are cutting and preparation surfaces labeled?
  • How are campers made aware of ingredients in each meal and menu item?
  • What training methods are used for the entry-level kitchen staff workers?
  • Who is making sure that the correct meals go out on day or overnight trips?
  • Who is in charge of making sure that there is safe pizza for everybody at the party?


Get To Know A Safe Summer Camp for Kids With Food Allergies and Intolerances

Safe Summer Camp for Kids with Food Allergies 4For more than a decade Camps Kenwood & Evergreen in NH has happily provided safe and tasty meals for our friends with a wide range of food allergies and intolerances. Through our forward-thinking food distributors we are able to purchase brands like Boar’s Head, Kinnikinik, Andrea’s, I.A.Healthy, Udy’s, Divvy’s, Annie’s and more! We also strive to produce farm-to-table meals whenever possible. We have dedicated appliances and surfaces in our kitchen to prevent issues like cross contamination, and a refrigerator in the center of our dining hall so that campers can keep their personal condiments safe and accessible. Whenever possible our special meals look and taste just like what everyone else is eating. Our posted menus clearly mark what may contain gluten, egg or dairy so that campers have the opportunity to eat what is being served to each table. And we never, ever use peanut or tree nut products.


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safe summer camp for kids with allergiesWe’re not the only ones who have identified Camps Kenwood and Evergreen as a safe summer camp for children with allergies and intolerances. Living Without Magazine wrote a cover story about us being one of the only mainstream camps in the United States to truly provide a safe eating and living environment for allergic kids, and Epicurious featured us in their article Great Summer Camps for Kids with Food Allergies or Gluten Sensitivities. We are also proud to be one of only ten camps on the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network’s list of food allergy-friendly camps! 


Safe Summer Camp for Kids with Food AllergiesWe invite you to use our checklists as you endeavor to find a safe camp for your child or children. If you would like to learn more about Camps Kenwood & Evergreen in NH please download our online brochure, and know that a director is available to speak with you every day of the week. Our office number is 781-793-0091.


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