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A post-Thanksgiving recipe for the ultimate sandwich using leftovers

All this week in our brother/sister summer camp’s blog we have been sharing some of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes, including:

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With leftovers from yesterday’s feast you likely have most of the ingredients in your kitchen to make a sandwich that we look forward to all year long. In fact, after first posting this on social media a few years ago we have learned that many of our campers and parents refer to this as “The Greatest Sandwich of the Year” (we imagine this being said in a deep booming voice with lots of echo afterwards). 

Below is a picture of one camp family in NYC’s attempt at making it last year, and our recipe for this culinary delight!


What is known in some circles of our camp community as ‘The Greatest Sandwich of the Year’

Our post-Thanksgiving Sandwich

  • Challah bread
  • Cranberry relish (like the recipe Chef Kyla shared on Tuesday)
  • Stuffing
  • Gravy
  • Sliced turkey
  • Quality pickles
  • PC’s Honey Mustard

Lightly toast two pieces of good challah. Brush one slice with a liberal amount of last night’s turkey gravy. Brush the other slice with cranberry relish or sauce, and then add a layer of stuffing. Place your turkey on the bread with the gravy, and add a layer honey mustard (we are partial to a brand sold at Peter Christian’s Tavern, a historic home for mouth watering victuals not far from our summer camp in NH. If you cannot obtain this nectar then go with the best your grocery store has to offer). Slice your pickles as thin as possible, and then place them on top of your turkey/mustard combination.

Due to the adhesive nature and viscocity of the many layers of this sandwich you should easily be able to bring the two halves of your sandwich together without any problems. If not then you need to go back and add more gravy, cranberry sauce or stuffing. 

And then enjoy!

We hope that every member of our summer camp community has a happy and healthy rest of their Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

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