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A Lovely Day For Our Very Happy Campers in NH

very happy campers

A Lovely Day For Our Very Happy Campers

Today was a really nice day at our summer camp in NH. The weather was really perfect. It was warm and sunny with very low humidity. It seemed to help put everyone in a really good mood. From the start of first period in the morning our campers threw themselves into activities. Kids waterskiied at every period, during rest period, and even free play. The slide and rock-it had people on them all day long, too.

Fernado, our head of tennis, and his staff were running great drills on the courts. Campers were working on footwork, ground strokes and improving their serves today. 

safe summer camp for kids with allergies
A lot of bands were practicing today in the music room. Hollowpallooza, our annual music festival, is just over a week away. This after I watched a young Evergreen camper wow her friends when she sang and played solo piano. She sounded incredible, and we can’t wait to see her perform next Saturday in front of the entire community!
During rest period and after dinner Mia ran more fantastic hitting and pitching clinics for girls of all ages. 
very happy campers
In the afternoon this group of boys asked me to join them for a meeting. They have really loved their adventure trips this summer, and were wondering if the ropes course staff could teach them what they called “survival skills”. 

As part of our focus on 21st century skills, we are always excited when our campers show this sort of passion and initiative. Together, we sat down and developed a list of the sort of skills that they want to learn: safe fire building, how to build a temporary shelter, cooking different meals over a campfire, and first aid. With the help of the ropes staff we developed a plan for how and when they can learn all of this, and will put it into motion after Visiting Day. I’m just so proud of these guys for working together to create this concept, and for presenting us with such a well thought out plan!
safe summer camp for kids with allergies
Thursday night is cookout night at our summer camp in NH. At different locations around the campus counselors and campers were grilling up hot dogs, hamburgers, and veggie patties. There was lots of freshly cut watermelon, and chocolate chip cookies baked just this morning. And because of our committment to being a safe summer camp for kids with allergies and intolerances, everything was peanut and tree nut free. We also had gluten free hamburger and hot dogs buns at every cookout area, along with breads free of egg and dairy, too! 
safe summer camp for kids with allergies
safe summer camp for kids with allergies
Cookout night is one of my favorite traditions at our brother-sister summer camp. Some campers use the time to hang out and gab with their favorite counselors, while others love all of the outdoor games and activities that we have around the bunks. Tonight during this time campers were playing tetherball, ping pong, bocce, magic cards, jamming on their guitars, chess, backgammon, roofball, and tossing a lacrosse ball around. At just over 3 weeks into the summer, I love how our campers have learned how to successfully manage their own free time, and use it in ways that enrich their lives!
safe summer camp for kids with allergies
In Evergreen tonight junior camp had a treasure hunt organized by our Special Events Coordinator Mia. I’m not exactly sure what the treasure was or how the event was organized. I just know that wherever I went there were groups of very happy campers excitedly running from place to place, trying very hard to find things. Most of them were having so much fun that they wouldn’t even stop to tell me what they were doing! 

Kenwood’s junior campers had hobby night tonight, and the activities included basketball, music, gaga, film making, wood working, arts and crafts, fishing, tubing, bocce, ropes course, batting cage, photography, ceramics and more! 

very happy campers

Today was also a really nice day for trips out of Camp. The Evergreen inters went on their overnight canoe trip to Cliff Island. The Kenwood sophomores climbed Mt. Kearsarge and are now asleep in their lean-tos. Our Evergreen seniors spent a relaxing day at Weirs Beach. The Kenwood 12’s softball and 13’s basketball were also out playing against other camps in tournaments today.
safe summer camp for kids with allergies
Deena and I had bunk O to our house this evening for a movie party. During the Goldrush auction they bid on and won this. Just after dinner the girls, their counselors, and their many stuffed animals arrived at our house to watch The Parent Trap (and no, they wanted to watch the newer version, and not the original with Hayley Mills). Together we want to be a safe summer camp for kids with allergies, everything was peanut and tree nut free. A great time was had by all, and we loved having this special night with the girls. We look forward to our next group of visitors! 

There were a lot of different reasons why we had so many very happy campers today. We invite you to learn about our intentional summer camp community in New Hampshire.

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