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A Great Summer Camp For A Child With Food Allergies

Summer Camp For A Child With Food Allergies

We are a great summer camp for a child with food allergies!

We were very excited to see that our brother-sister summer camp in NH has yet again been recognized for providing a safe home for our campers with food allergies and intolerances. Yesterday afternoon, wrote an article about the trend of summer camps providing a peanut and tree nut free environment. The word is clearly out about how happy we are to provide our community members with meals that meet their dietary needs, including gluten free, dairy free, egg/albumen free, and more! We are also honored to be one of the first camps listed on the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network’s Safe Camp list. 

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So what else was going on in and out of Camp today? The Evergreen Sophomores departed for their canoe trip on the Pemi River. Kenwood’s Freshmen had their first mountain hike of the summer, making it to the top of Mt. Kearsarge in just under two hours. Evergreen’s 15’s participated in a volleyball tournament for the first time in years, and had a total blast! The Kenwood 13’s soccer players played in an all day tournament. They soundly won their first game, and then lost the next two. Kenwood’s Inters and Juniors took a trip to Sculptured Rock, a natural formation of cliffs and swimming holes. The boys spent excitedly spent their morning safely taking the plunge into very cold waters. It was very hot and humid throughout New Hampshire, and our Evergreen Inters and Juniors were to spend a day swimming at Weirs Beach. 

Summer Camp For A Child With Food Allergies

Adventure Dave took our Evergreen 2nd year seniors on a trip that they won’t soon forget. Just about 20 minutes outside of Camp is a river with deep, picturesque blue waters. The girls took turns leaping off of its rock faces into the water, and also grabbing onto a giant rope swing that propelled them over (and eventually into) the lake. 

summer camp in nhToday was a somewhat silly day on our ropes course. The team that runs it decided that today was a good day to wear sport jackets to work. On their most recent day off they stopped at a consignment shop and found their new and more formal attire. The kids all thought it was hysterical (so did I). 

The ropes staff also premiered a new activity today: orienteering. Teams of campers were given maps and a compass, and together they learned how to plot coordinates and navigate over different terrain. I love that our specialists are always taking the initiative and finding something new and creative to do with our very happy campers.

Summer Camp For A Child With Food Allergies

Summer Camp For A Child With Food Allergies

Tonight’s dinner was Chinese food, and as they walked into the dining hall both campers and staff began cheering. The meal included a sautéed chicken dish, a marinated tofu, spring rolls, stir-fried vegetables, and a chicken and broccoli in a gluten free sauce. The meal was absolutely delicious, and because of our commitment to being a safe summer camp for people with allergies, our team of chefs made sure that no peanuts, tree nuts, or peanut oil was used in the making of this fantastic meal. Many cheers to Chefs Leonard Silva, Keira Cannon and Kim Tucker, our Dining Room Manager Diego Duran, and the rest of our amazing kitchen staff, for always making sure that our meals are safe for our children with food allergies and intolerances!  

Summer Camp For A Child With Food AllergiesWhile the community was in the dining hall enjoying their meal, I had a bunk of Kenwood inters over to my house for dinner and a movie. During our Gold Rush special event they had worked together as a team and won a party at my house with my family. Per their request, we ordered in pizza from a local favorite restaurant, and because it’s Kenwood and Evergreen, we had a gluten-free pizza ready for one of our friends who needed it. 

Summer Camp For A Child With Food Allergies

A number of our outdoor adventure trips camped out tonight. The Kenwood freshmen spent part of their evening participating in a miniature version of our Rope Burning contest from this past weekend’s special event. The counselors taught the boys how to safely build and tend a fire, and together they all successfully burned a rope suspended about 3 feet in the air.   

Like all Kenwood and Evergreen age groups, there were campers on this trip with allergies to all sorts of ingredients, including gluten, peanuts and tree nuts, eggs, and dairy. And each camper was able to have a warm, tasty, and most importantly, safe meal. Many thanks to John Turner, our staff member in the kitchen who packs up the group and individual meals for all of our trips, and to all of our counselors who go to such great lengths to make nights like this happen for our campers with food allergies and intolerances!  

Summer Camp For A Child With Food Allergies

With just a few days to go before their big production, our Kenwood and Evergreen senior campers spent tonight practicing in our theater. On Friday they will be putting on a full length Broadway-style musical, and they have spent almost a month preparing. I will say that the rehearsal I saw tonight was fun and full of energy, and the kids really seem to know their parts. The songs sounds great, too. I can’t wait to see the premier on Friday!  

Summer Camp For A Child With Food Allergies

Can an overnight camp provide amazing meals to all of its campers and staff, while also safely serving peanut and tree free nut populations, or those who eat gluten free, dairy free or egg free?

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