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A great new addition to our incredible camp food

Over the last couple of years we have really ratcheted up the food that we serve at our overnight camp in NH. Three years ago we doubled number of chefs working in our dining hall, and radically overhauled our menu. As much as possible, we now serve meals cooked from scratch, with fruits, vegetables and even meats from farms located throughout New England.

Would You Like To See Our Camp’s Delicious Menu? Two summers ago we created a new position in our camp kitchen, hiring a chef to solely cook meals for our campers and staff with food allergies and intolerances, and to make delicious vegetarian meals every day as well.

incredible camp food

Now we have added what we believe to be the final piece of the puzzle. I am thrilled to introduce you to Kristie Archer, Kenwood and Evergreen’s full-time baker! Kristie has worked for many years with JT (a much-loved party of our camp food team) at a local college, and we could not be more excited that she and her family have joined the Kenwood and Evergreen community.

When she arrived on Monday Kristie brought along special treats for us: homemade Minion cupcakes! They were delicious, and everyone loved her design. Over the last couple of days she’s made (from scratch) blueberry and lemon zest muffins, sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, a couple of types of bread, a lemon custard topped with whipped cream, and a few other delectable items that I will leave as a surprise. 

incredible camp food

And while Kristie has been working on our baked good containing gluten, Chef Kyla has been focusing on perfecting her gluten-free recipes for our campers who cannot eat wheat. She also made an incredible meal of Spanish rice and vegetarian refried beans that other night that you are really going to want to try. More on Kyla in the coming days.

Our team making our incredible camp food this summer is so happy to be here and can’t wait for the start of the summer. Plan on eating well at camp this year!

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Camps Kenwood and Evergreen are brother-sister summer camps in NH. Have have been peanut free and tree nut free for more than a decade, and happily accommodate campers with food allergies such as gluten, dairy, mustard, citrus, soy and egg.