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A Gorgeous August Day At Our Summer Camp in NH

Today was an absolutely gorgeous August day at our summer camp in NH. As we left our cabins to head to breakfast we were treated to a family of Canada Geese frolicking on the lake, putting on quite a show. As they honked and flapped their wings they sent the water flying, and seemed to be having a spectacular time doing it. I stood with a group of campers and marveled at how wonderful it was to share a moment like this together at the start of yet another day at Camp.

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A number of other camp groups were enjoying nature yesterday and today. Scott and his group of 2nd Year Seniors were on Day #2 of their outdoor white water canoeing adventure on the Androscogin River. I anticipate having some great photos to post once they have returned.


Yesterday, Phyllis led the Evergreen 2nd Year Seniors on their annual surfing and swimming trip on Ogunquit Beach. Phyllis said this morning that there was not a cloud in the sky all day, and the water was the warmest in all of the years she has ever led the trip! 



Just after breakfast the Kenwood U13’s Soccer team headed out for their final travel tournament of the summer. As you can see they were REALLY excited for this event, and to just have one more tournament to participate in.


Around Camp everyone seemed to be having a blast enjoying this wonderful August weather. I had the pleasure of hanging out with these guys and their counselor after a Gaga period. They were really into discussing some of their favorite moments of the summer, and the funniest things they’ve ever seen during past Color wars. 


With Color War on the horizon campers seemed to be working extra hard at sports activities to hone their skills. In the gym today Coach Chris was working with our boys on their passing and communication skills, two crucial elements in anyone’s basketball game. 




Later in the heat of day, the boys asked if they could take a break from the formal lessons and practice their half court shots. I was a bit shocked to see how many of them were able to successfully make it.


Down in the Hollow at Soccer the coaches were working with the kids on both their foot control of the ball, and making sure to follow it up properly towards the goal. 



On the Senior Basketball Court in the morning Coach James was helping our girls refine their outside and free throw shots. 


Adjacent to basketball campers were leaping and diving into the sand at the beach vollebyall court.


Across the Senior Ball Field Coach Jeff was running a clinic on the proper techniques for scooping, throwing and catching while on the run. 


At tennis the Kenwood Sophomores were working on their approach game, learning how to properly judge and then execute a volley. This guy not only made solid contact but sent the ball right past the guys on the other side of the court. 


The same was true over on the neutral courts with the Evergreen Inters (and yes, she also made an impressive and unreturned slam against her opponent!). 


Even with the Hollowpallooza Music Festival now concluded instructors Jack and Tom were back teaching kids how to play drums, guitar, and bass, and helping friends in bands work on their collective sound.

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It was also just a great day to hang out in the sun at the waterfronts. At both Kenwood and Evergreen friends were swimming, leaping in the water, fishing, boating and building sand castles.

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These guys spent a leisurely hour on their favorite inflatables. One of the counselors said to me “this is pretty much the best thing I’ve done in ages”. It looked that way! 


The water ski boat was also running all day long with campers learning to ski and also wakeboard. 


Again, with Color War on its way the Kenwood Waterfront Director Mark was busy making sure every boy had one more lesson in how to properly do a racing dive. Sometime soon both our girls and boys will be participating in swim meets for their teams. 


Adjacent to the Evergreen Waterfront there was a lovely brieze blowing off the lake into the Gymnastics Pavillion, and campers were working on their vaulting and beam skills.


At the Ropes Course today the team had set up a game that all of the participants really seemed to enjoy. When they stepped off of the zip line platform they had 3 bean bags in their hands. As they shot past a target on the ground they had a chance to drop the bags and try and score points. I loved seeing this creative twist on one of our campers’ favorite activities in all of Camp!


With all of the fun things going on outside, many campers also spent today enjoying time at our arts studios. These guys used the jig saw to cut their ping pong paddles, and then spent the rest of the period sanding them and applying sand tape.


Down the hall campers were also putting the finishing touches on their digital photo projects they’ve been working on all summer. 


With the annual Camper Film Festival coming up soon girls and boys were in the Film Making Studio all day working on the final edits to their movie masterpieces. 


In the Cooking Lab today it was Iron Chef, which meant that it was a competition to see who could design and cook the tastiest meals with the ingredients given to them by their instructor Mia. As you can see they were making delicious multi-course meals, and everyone was having a fantastic time working together. 




The evening activity tonight was quite something. Our 8-12 year old actors put on a Broadway-style rendition of Grease, and the whole community got way into it. The actors had spent weeks pouring their hearts and souls into this production and tonight it really showed.


Their singing was excellent, and everyone knew their lines. The costumes were great, and you could tell how much fun they were having acting in this play. The audience hung on their every word, and laughed at every joke.


It really was one of the best Junior Camp plays I’ve ever seen!






Acka-Lacka-Ching to Drama Director Kelly and Music Counselor Ashleigh for putting together such a fabulous production of a musical so many of us know and love!


A big shout out to these friends who studied with Tech Rob on how to run all of the aspects of the backstage for tonight’s play. As a team they operated the light board, the spotlight, the sound board and microphones, sets, scenery and curtain. Great job, guys!


After we sang Taps and as a group Phyllis, Courtney, David, Deena and I threw an ice cream party to celebrate the cast and their fabulous work. It was fun to be able to tell each and every member of the production how great a job they did, and how proud we were of them. 


What an absolutely wonderful way to end this gorgeous day at our summer camp in NH!

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