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A Fantastic Short Film From Our Camp Video Program

For as long as anyone can remember, our summer camp in New Hampshire has offered our campers 1 hour of unstructured fun and play time after dinner. We call it Free Play. We believe that giving children the opportunity to explore and interact with each other during unstructured time is vital for proper social and emotional development.

For many years our sports coaches and art teachers have spent Free Play in their activity areas so that campers could enjoy some extra time at the activities that they loved. But as I wrote in a blog this past February, this summer we premiered a new aspect of our post-dinner evening program: Master Classes.

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Each night of the summer, different coaches and teachers offered special in-depth lessons designed for campers who have a particular passion. On some nights our basketball coaches ran clinics on the finer points of a pick-and-roll, while on others our head of music taught our future rock stars tricks for playing amazing guitar solos. 

summer camp videos

One of the most popular master classes was in our summer camp’s film making department. Multiple times each week, a committed group of our campers gathered with our incredible film counselors Hannah Hafey and Kaitlin Smith to work on making a short movie. This team of boys and girls collaborated on every aspect of this project. They brainstormed plot ideas, wrote a script, storyboarded each scene, considered lighting techniques and film angels, devised special effects, cast the actors, directed the scenes, and ultimately, edited this amazing 11-minute masterpiece. It took them the entire 7 weeks of the summer to complete, and we could not be more proud of them.

summer camp videos

So it is with great pleasure that we invite you to watch this summer’s master class final project: The Underwater Counselor Lounge: The True Story

Our summer camp in New Hampshire has 17 short videos to help you better understood every aspect of our community. Come take a look!

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