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A Day In The Life Of Our Very Happy Campers At Our Summer Camp In NH

A day in the life of our very happy campers at our summer camp in NH

very happy campers

With such nice weather everyone seemed quite excited to play sports this morning. I watched a whole lot of tennis, lacrosse, volleyball, and basketball. I also saw a great touch football period up on the field of dreams.

Today also seemed to be a great day for learning and playing soccer. On every field there were great coaching sessions and clinics. At first period in the morning Kenwood seniors began the day by a brisk jog around the field of dreams. After that their coach had them working on a series of complicated passing and shooting drill.

very happy campers

The same was true with our younger campers, who worked on shooting and goalie drills during the morning. They were in very small groups, with lots of counselors helping them on their individual skill needs.  

very happy campers

Down in the Hollow head soccer coach Tom Shanks was also running a fantastic clinic for our senior girls. Take a look at his incredibly clear, concise and motivational technique for teaching our girls. They are having such a good time, too!

We also had many great trips out today. Just after breakfast our Kenwood 2nd Year seniors departed for their 3-day white water canoeing trip on the Androscogin River. Led by Scott, they spent the afternoon getting used to the rapids, and will brave the kayak course starting tomorrow morning. This was my all-time favorite trip as a camper, and I can’t wait to hear the stories of their adventures when they return on Thursday.

Evergreen’s juniper also departed on their 3-day trip to Montreal. Led by our athletic directors Jacki and Bob, the girls’ adventure will be jam-packed with excitement, including jet boating, touring the old city, learning about its historic cathedrals and architecture, battling out with lasers, and more!
The Kenwood inters departed for their climb up Mount Major. After a great day hike to the summit they then set up their campsite. The counselors then taught the campers how to cook over an open fire, and even how to make brownies on the trail using an orange and some tin foil! 
Some of the Kenwood hut 6 boys went on a trip with Adventure Dave to learn how to paddle board on the ocean. 

Lots of campers were using every available space today to practice for Saturday’s Hollowpallooza music festival. Currently we have 45 camper bands slated to perform, and more than a dozen counselor bands as well. One of the coolest things that I noticed is how many campers are playing instruments other than guitar or piano. Just today I saw people practicing on different types of saxophones, a clarinet, a cello, a trombone, and a flute! There are also so many girls rockin’ out on the drums. This is going to be an amazing event on Saturday.

very happy campers

This afternoon we had a first for Kenwood and Evergreen. A professional magician named Tom Verner put on a performance for our community. Tom is the president and founder of Magicians Without Borders. He travels around the world visiting refugee camps, trying to bring hope and a little joy to people who have been displaced by war, famine, or persecution.

He began by explaining what a refugee is, and showing a brief presentation about what life is like in a refugee camp. He also performed an amazing magic show for about an hour, and then taught the entire camp how to do a fabulous slight of hand trick. Magicians Without Borders has the motto “Educate, Entertain and Empower”, and for our very happy campers this show was about all three. If you’d like to see a short video of one of Tom’s tricks please click here.

Tonight, our Evergreen junior campers had an event that they have been waiting for all summer: Junior Camp Capture the Flag. Our campers really love playing capture the flag, and our junior campers particularly love the chance to play when they are the biggest kids on the field. All night our girls were running and leaping over the line, or giving it their all as they tried to tag their friends. This was a great evening activity. 

very happy campers

very happy campers

With much of Evergreen’s seniors out on trips the 1st and 2nd years had a campfire. As the sun went down they sat together around a warm fire and talked about their favorite camp moments, and what they remember from their first summers here. It’s great to be able to sit with your friends and favorite counselors and have these sort of conversations.  

Kenwood’s junior campers had a trivia night put together by their head counselor David Walsh. Both camps had a blast at their evening actvities. It was a wonderful end to a fantastic day at our summer camp in NH. 

We pack a whole lot of fun and learning into our 7-week season. It’s just one of the many reasons why we have so many happy campers at our brother-sister summer camp in NH!  

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