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A counselor reflects on her incredible summers at our camp in NH

Just as I was writing yesterday’s blog post announcing our upcoming parties for new campers a package arrived on my desk from the UK. Opening it up I discovered 2 treasures: some delicious Cadbury chocolates that cannot be purchased in the United States, and the letter below. 


Tabitha Partyka, the letter’s author, has been our summer camp’s Head of Photography for the last two years, and since the day she arrived she has been a total star. Working with boys and girls of all ages and interest levels, she helped make our Visual Arts Department one of the most creative and fun areas in camp.


Tabby (center) along with some of her projects and camper artists

Some of the innovations she brought to us include:

  • Printing on heat transfer paper so that campers could design their own t-shirts
  • Teaching campers how to make their own Yugio, Pokemon and Baseball cards
  • Showing children how to convert their raster image files into illustrations that look like comic book drawings
  • Using light pens and delayed exposures to create one-of-a-kind photographs
  • Demonstrating how to make photo masks and merged images in Photoshop 

And as much as fun and learning as Tabby brought to camp, it’s clear from her note that she got just as much back, making some of the best friendships of her life, and having experiences she couldn’t anywhere else in the world! That’s exactly what we do here at our brother-sister summer camp in NH, and what we’ll be doing this summer for every one of our campers and counselors.

We’ll miss you this summer, Tabby, and as your letter says, hope to see you back in 2018. And now we can’t wait to see what great ideas and projects our new Head of Photography has in store for this summer!

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