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A beautiful sunrise over our overnight camp in NH

I was up at sunrise this morning, waiting for the truck to deliver food to our kitchen. Because it was so early I had the gift of having Camp all to myself. It was a gorgeous summer morning, and even after 30 years here I am still amazed at how beautiful our campus looks…and how different light can bring out different characteristics that you might miss during the rest of the day. 

My camp house is right by the water, and as I stepped outside I could see the mist rolling over the Evergreen docks. I shot this quick video clip with my iphone. 

Looking left I saw the sun just peeking over the mountains that surround our summer camp. It bathed our ceremonial campground in a warm golden light. 

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I walked a few steps and looked right at our gymnastics pavillion, which in just over a week will be filled with happy boys and girls leaping and tumbling while a gentle breeze wafts off of the lake. 


I then headed up the hill and towards our beloved dining hall, stopping to see where a group of counselors had warmed themselves by a fire last night. We are almost done with our first week of counselor training, and already our staff showing how bonded they are to one another. 


Since it was built a few years ago I have loved how the light dances through the trees and split rail fences around our dining hall. Soon this building will be filled with the sounds of campers and counselors standing on benches after dinner, cheering and showing their camp spirit. 


The sun was moving quickly, and by the time I got to our soccer field called “The Hollow” I was already losing the ephemeral morning light. In just a few minutes time the temperature of the air had warmed 5 or 6 degrees. 


And yet the old growth pine trees that dot around the Evergreen path and lodges still shrouded them in that beautiful morning light. 


With no one else awake I also had the wildlife to myself. There were about a hundred monarch butterflies lilting around the bushes at the Evergreen waterfront, though all but one of them were too busy eating to stop and pose for my photograph. As I got back to my house I saw a family of hummingbirds as well, but alas, those photos are nothing but a blur. Some moments just cannot be captured… 


It occurs to me that many of our new campers have never seen our beautiful campus before, but that will change in just a few more days. Our entire team of counselors, coaches, teachers, chefs, maintenance, housekeeping, and directors cannot wait for them to experience the beautiful friendships, experiences and scenery that awaits them upon their arrival. 


Camps Kenwood and Evergreen is a summer camp for boys and girls located in Wilmot, NH.