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A beautiful day at our overnight camp in NH

Today may have been the prettiest weather day of the entire summer. From noon until sunset the temperature was in the mid 80’s with low humidity, very few clouds in the sky, and a light breeze coming off of the lake. It was a spectacular day to be doing fun activities with camp friends. 

In Arts & Crafts the big project was designing devices to hold raw eggs that could be dropped from tall heights without breaking. Our Evergreen Freshmen got REALLY into this project, and loved seeing which team was able to craft the strongest and most resilient craft for their ovum cargo. 

Throughout the day all 11 of our tennis courts were occupied with campers getting lessons or just having fun playing matches with their friends. During every activity break of the day campers were on every single court. The same was true at our baseball diamonds, soccer fields and basketball courts. People were in the mood to play ball.  

Over at the wood shop both girls and boys were learning how to carve and burn designs into the furniture and signs they had created. Lots of campers were also using the power tools, including the circular saw and the drill press. Two girls spent an entire period carefully glueing a photo of themselves that they had taken at Photography to a wooden board, and then skillfully used the electric jig saw to cut it into puzzle pieces. Such creativity! 

a beautiful day at camp 1

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Due to the incredible weather it seemed like everyone wanted to spend as much time as possible in the lake. I saw campers water skiing, tubing, wake boarding, and knee boarding, along with canoeing, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding. It was also a day of bouncing around on the inflatables, trying out the rope swing, fishing off the docks, and building elaborate sand castles. 

We also had multiple groups out on overnight canoe adventures. Scott took the Kenwood 2nd Year Seniors on their 2-night/3-day Androscogin canoe trip, and the Kenwood Freshmen headed out to the beloved Belle Island. 

a beautiful day at camp 2

It just also seemed to be a day for friends enjoying each others company. I spent a lot of time in and around the bunks, and wherever I looked campers had their arms around each other. It was hugging, kind, friendship filled sort of day here at K&E.

a beautiful day at camp 3

After a delicious dinner of pasta, homemade red sauce, garlic bread and steamed summer vegetables (and a fabulous oatmeal whoopie pie creation of Kristie’s) we had a series of evening activities that the campers really seemed to enjoy. 

Courtney had all of Evergreen Junior Camp into the tent for a camp version of Family Feud. The bunks came dressed up in themed costumes and took to the stage to compete to see who could work together best to answer questions. There was so much laughing and dancing and silliness. 

In Kenwood our Senior boys had a Hobby Night, which meant that they could choose any artistic or sports activity that our program offers. Groups of boys were at Arts & Crafts building wire sculptures and painting their bunk plaques, while others were up on Senior Hill playing basketball and lacrosse. At the wood shop one camper was putting the finishing touches on the skateboard ramp he made for home. Now he and I have to figure out how to get it home to Miami…

Kenwood’s Sophomores had a dodgeball tournament in the Gym while the Juniors spent the night tubing around the lake. The Inters had a Home Run Derby on the Evergreen ball field. 

Everywhere you looked it was a night of campers having fun with one another. 

a beautiful day at camp 4

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Everywhere you looked today campers were having a great time, whether they were working on their favorite activities, enjoying our beautiful lake or just hanging with their camp friends. What a wonderful day from start to finish.