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4th week begins so we got back to our amazing summer camp activities


With the conclusion of Big Weekend we started the fourth week of the summer, and with it all of our amazing summer camp activities. Boys and girls were on the tennis courts improving their ground strokes and volleys. It’s amazing to see how many of our campers have progressed with their tennis form in just the last three weeks. 

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I hung out with these guys on the waterfront as each of them learned how to wakeboard or water ski…and each successfully made it all around the lake! In this picture they were describing to me what it was like once they got comfortable riding the waves properly. 


Right near the Kenwood waterfront is our cooking laboratory, and these guys were learning how to make delicious homemade chocolate mousse. As part of the process Emily was teaching them how to properly grate pure chocolate and then blend it slowly for maximum taste.


Juniper was up bright and early this morning to make their way to Maine. For the next two days they’ll be learning how to white water raft on a river. This is always one of the highlights of our eldest campers’ summer, and we can’t wait for reports back on this amazing outdoor adventure.  


In arts and crafts we have three different projects being worked on this week. Campers are learning to tie dye, construct and decorate pinewood derby cars for racing, and how to dip and pour their own candles. More on this as the week unfolds!


It was a gorgeous day so we tried to have the kids spend as much time outside as possible. The Evergreen ballfield was jam packed with girls playing softball and raquet smackit.


On the junior ballfield some of our lacrosse enthusiasts were practicing by taking their hardest shots at a watermelon. It took about 50 throws and 3 direct hits but it eventually split wide open and they all loved the refreshing treat. 


The ropes course was open and campers were not just learning how to climb up, but also how to repell down. These girls climbed up a 50 ft wooden ladder and then giddily jumped down while safely harnessed.  


Tomorrow is Kenwood’s biggest sports tournament of the summer: Tri-State Softball. All morning our oldest boys were on the Senior Ball Field practicing their pitching, fielding, and batting for the big event. 


While that was all going on in Camp these fine soccer players were out at the Evergreen 13’s Soccer Tournament held at Proctor Academy. They handily won the first game, struggled a bit and won the second, won the third game and then went to the championship. They faced a team far larger in height than they were, but did so undaunted. In the final game it was a 2-2 tie at the end, followed by penalty kids. They took NINE penalty kicks and eventually won the whole thing! 

Obviously thrilled that they won, we are even more proud of how hard they worked all day long. This was a hard fought event, and they battled it out until the very last kick. We are proud of our Evergreen 13’s Soccer team for their strength, determination and spirit. THAT’S the Evergreen way!

 A huge Acka-Lacka-Ching to our girls for their big triumph today!!


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Last but not least, our inter girls recently came back from an overnight canoe trip. Their counselor Ellie brought a GoPro along with them and shot some incredible footage of their adventure. If you’d like to see how much fun they had please click on the video below.

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