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3-D Archery: another thing our campers only do at our overnight camp


Part of the experience here at our 7 week overnight camp is trying activities that you probably can’t do anywhere else in your life. Like wrestling in 1,000 lbs of Jell-O, leaping off of 40 foot cliffs into natural pools of water, or jamming in a rock band on a stage in front of 500 people. Today we went hunting dinosaurs and zombies. 

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IMG_3599.jpgThese guys take their 3-D Archery VERY seriously…

Yes, today we hosted the 5th annual Camps Kenwood and Evergreen 3-D Invitational Archery Tournament. 8 teams from boys and girls camps around New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts joined us for this unique opportunity to not just shoot at round targets, but to also go on our 3-D archery course. Campers put on a quivver of arrows and hiked along a wooded trail. On their trip’s path they came upon life-size, life-like foam rubber statues of a velociraptor, a stegasaurus, a zombie (nicknamed Drop Dead Fred) and more! Each participant got to launch 2 arrows per statue. As you can imagine, everyone had a great time at this tournament.

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The overall highest scorer today was Hut 6 member Will Siege. In the recurve bow category the winner was Kenwood’s William Boot. Of the girls’ teams 1st place went to Evergreen’s own Anna Glashow. Cha-hee-Cha-haw to all of our archers, and in particular, to these three!

IMG_3598.jpgThese guys are always looking for new ways to help our campers have incredible experiences

Like so many of the creative, silly, amazing special events at our overnight camp, this tournament was Athletic Director Bob’s idea. Always looking to make things even more fun, years ago Bob had the idea to add a BBQ for the tournament’s players, and to grill up all sorts of exotic meats. While the teams were shooting Bob Mitchell, Adventure Dave, JT, and Chris (husband of Camp Dr. Liza) were cooking things like alligator sausage, venison in chili sauce, duck breast in BBQ sauce, and elk burgers. 


The campers who ate it were extremely pleased with the results. During lunch our grill technicians made sure to make it a really social event. They had tunes blasting and the kids and staff from the different teams loved hanging out with each other. Many of our campers had friends from home on the other teams so it was kind of like an extended family reunion. 

There are so many things that I love about this tournament. It’s so much fun for everyone involved, but it’s also so creative and unconventional. While most of our campers play on soccer, basketball or lacrosse teams at home, very few are competitive archers. And none spend their days hiking through the woods shooting statues of extinct animals. Somehow our campers approach this special event with intense focus and seriousness…and yet seem utterly unconcerned about their team scores. Instead, they are just excited to be a part of yet another fun, spirited, fantastic camp activity that they would almost certainly never get to do in the outside world. 

That’s what our camp is all about!

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If you are in NH on Saturday and would like to do something interesting, K&E parent Allison Gilbert Weintraub will be doing an author talk and signing of her latest book Passed and Present at the Newbury Library in Newbury, NH. The event starts at 5pm. To sign up for this event please click on the link here