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21st Century Skills At Camp Is Now A Global Idea!

Many of you may not know that Scott is in China right now. Less than 24 hours after the Boston Area Camp Reunion he hopped on a plane and flew about 20 hours to Beijing. So what is he doing there? He’s working on a couple of very exciting projects. First, and most importantly, he’s actually visiting the campers and families in China who joined our camp family in 2014.

21st century skills at camp

Last night he sent me this great photo from a dinner that he had with Tingting, Annie, Alvin and their families. Much of the dinner was spent discussing the incredible time that the kids had with us in New Hampshire last summer, and in particular, that Kenwood and Evergreen really is the place for acquiring 21st century skills. They talked about how much fun they had playing sports, swimming, and working on art projects. Most importantly, they talked about how powerful it was making new friends from all over the world. They all say hello to their many Camp friends, and can’t wait to see everyone again this coming summer!


In addition, Scott is working on a number of interesting projects that I will be writing about in the coming days. Make sure to check tomorrow’s blog, where I will be discussing Scott’s efforts to bring summer camp to China, and the many ways it benefits the Kenwood and Evergreen community!

So what are these 21st century skills that our camp focuses on, and why are families around the world seeking out overnight camp in NH to teach them?

  1. Leadership
  2. Team work and collaboration
  3. Effective Communication
  4. Creativity
  5. Critical thinking and problem solving

Also referred to as non-cognitive skills, they are routinely sighted by employers and academic researchers as the THE most important skills people need to be successful in today’s workplace, and are vital for anyone interested in leading or innovating in the future. Sadly, they are also the skills most lacking in today’s high school and college graduates, and in young people growing up in China. We teach these non-cognitive skills (while also having an incredible summer camp experience) so that we can help our campers gain a competitive life advantage. This is very powerful stuff.  

I invite you to read some of what we’ve written on this topic in recent months:

Kenwood and Evergreen is a summer camp for boys and girls, ages 8-15. We help children develop their 21st century skills at camp to help them be tomorrow’s leaders and innovators. 

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