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21 ways to have a great first day away from home at summer camp

So your child is going away to summer camp for the first time. As you say goodbye there’s a big lump in your throat, and you wonder more than once “how is she going to have a great first day away from home?” “Is he going to make friends?” “Is this summer camp ready to help my child truly be happy and independent for the next 7 weeks?”

For those new to our community I thought I’d take you through exactly how we help our boys and girls have amazing first days at our overnight camp in New Hampshire!

1. Start your trip to New Hampshire by meeting the friendliest camp counselors you’ve ever imagined.

our incredible counselors

2. Learn from younger and older campers why this camp is their favorite place in the whole world. Feel comfortable to ask them every question you can think of. Feel really welcome.

camp friends

3. Watch cartoons and relax. We don’t watch TV during the rest of the summer but it’s a nice way to be comfortable on the bus ride. 

a great first day away from home

4. Giggle and laugh throughout the ride.

camp friends

5. Move seats multiple times so as to make as many new friends as possible.

an amazing first day of camp

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6. Step off of the bus and enter a human tunnel of smiling, cool counselors who make you instantly feel like you belong.

our incredible counselors

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7. Walk into a beautiful bunk and find that your counselors already unpacked your stuff and made your bed.

amazing camp counselors

8. Get outside and play, instead of unpacking and maybe being sad or homesick.

camp opening day

9. Go on a guided tour of the entire campus, led by the returning campers. Find out that these returning kids are just as friendly as the kids you met at the New Camper Party.

an amazing first day of camp

10. Participate in ice breaking games designed to help you feel comfortable in your new summer home, and figure out what you have in common with your new camp friends.

Learn more about this
incredible experience for children

incredible camp counselors

11. Get a clear understanding of how to be successful at overnight camp, and what your responsibilities are.


12. Have an amazing dinner and even better dessert. Rainbow cupcakes! 

summer camp for food allergies

13. And know if you have a food allergy that your meal is safe AND tasty.

summer camp for food allergies

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allergy friendly summer camp

14. Watch your counselors put on a show where they act as ridiculous as possible because it reminds you that they will do anything to help you feel comfortable here.

an amazing first day of camp

15. Settle in for a good night’s sleep with all of these new friends you’ve made on your first day. 

new camp friends

16. Be up early the first morning, playing games and hanging with your new buddies.

camp friends

17. Get outside and play. Participate in some fabulous sports clinics. Start creating new art projects. Go on a canoe trip. Jam out on the electric guitar.

amazing camp activities

18. Take some time after lunch and work with your bunkmates and counselors to come up with a list of how you are going to treat each other this summer. Sign it like a contract and hang it proudly on the cabin wall.


19. Eat delicious milk and cookies.


20. Get back out there and play more. Learn new skills. Laugh.

camp friends

21. Be amazed that 24 hours went that fast, and that you are already so happy and comfortable in your new summer camp home!


Would you like to see some photos from today’s activities?

Camps Kenwood and Evergreen is a 7 week overnight camp for boys and girls ages 7-15. We are located in the beautiful mountains of New Hampshire, and are just a 2 hour drive from Boston and a 4 hour drive from NYC.

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